Funding in Cornwall

There are not many Counties in the UK with as many opportunities as we have for funding in Cornwall. Unfortunately the majority of these opportunities are tied up with red tape or on a match fund basis only. This is great if you have a huge pot of money available but many people have not, often those with some of the best ideas are held back by this fact.

Here are some of the funds available to entrepreneurs;

Angel Investors Are absolute gold dust, if you you have a great business idea, an Angel investor maybe just the thing for you.

Private High Wealth Individuals. Perfect if you can find them!

Crowdfunding, Great if your idea is appealing to a large percentage of the general publc and some of your family and friends back you in the first place.

LEP (Local Enterprise Partnership) CDC (Cornwall Development Company) Match funding, great if you have funds already, especially if your idea will create sustainable jobs.

Working Capital Advance. A working capital advance is a range of different funding options which will provide flexible working capital so you can deliver innovative new products and services.

Merchant Cash Advance. A merchant cash advance is a great way for businesses which take payments for products or services with a card terminal. A merchant cash advance is an advance of cash set off against future transactions.


The reason Cornish Dragons Den was put together was to overcome the initial obstacle of funding, and to help people with great ideas get the exposure needed to make their dreams a reality. I personally have found a large number of the funding opportunities in Cornwall to be a complete waste of time and effort. Ironically after learning how to get funding eventually, I don’t need it for my businesses now!

As an expert in my field, which is to take companies, products and people to the top of the search engines and to market virally through Social Media. I am positioned to help you get the right initial investment and to drive your internet presence and public awareness to a point where your business idea can succeed! Contact me to discuss your idea further.